Terms and Conditions


All work carried out is GUARANTEED for a period of 12 MONTHS against faulty workmanship directly Attributed to us. The exclusions to this are damage caused by natural causes. i.e. Ground
movement /storm damage, etc after completion. We must be notified within this period. Only items stated on the quotation will be carried out. Items not on the quotation are not included within the price.

1.EIGHT YEARS GUARANTEES on the grass are the manufacturers UV anti-fade guarantees. This means they will not fade/change colour within set limits during this time. Flattening of the pile thorough normal usage is excluded as like a carpet this will occur if continued use or twisting on repeated area’s. Normal manufacturing faults will of course be dealt with within the first 12 months. We will liaise with the manufacturers on your behalf, should the need arise. Depending on the manufacturer, certain instructions will need to be followed. All will require you to follow item no.6, minimal maintenance.

2. Quotations are valid for 14 days from shown date. After which prices may be subject to re-valuation.

3. NO responsibility can be accepted by WEST SUSSEX ARTIFICIAL GRASS for accidental damage to underground services or electrical cables of which we are NOT made aware prior to commencement of work.

4. START DATES Any time given with regards to the commencements of works is only an approximation due to weather conditions, material delays and unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. We always endeavor to stay on time.

5. CANCELLATIONS :You have the right of cancellation of accepted works up to 14 days after acceptance of works by email or in writing, apart from when accepted works are to be installed within this period you will have deemed to have waivered your cancellation rights by accepting the works. Your deposit is non returnable as your grass will be ordered straight away and is a cut to length for your garden (Bespoke). After the 14 days period, Cancellation of accepted works will result in your grass being supplied at the full retail cost. We will then invoice you, less your deposit already paid. This is due for payment in full immediately. Cancellations must be in writing or my email.

6. MAINTENANCE IS REQUIRED: Clearing of leaves / animal waste etc. In the case of dogs it will be necessary to clean the grass with a ENZYME cleaner or one of many cleaners available at least once a week to minimize any odours. This instruction still applies to lawns installed with Envirofill or ZEO-Reduce. While we can never guarantee this will completely remove all odours (no one can) it will assist to reduce any & the key is regular application even during the winter period, rain will not remove the bacteria that causes the odours. Please remember the grass is installed without any odours & it is a matter of striking the right balance between cleaner /time between and your individual pet/s & their use of the lawn. Therefore we cannot instruct you further as to the time gap between applying cleaner, as dogs vary a lot and there are to many variables. At the time of installation we do provide full written instructions of how to mix and apply the enzyme cleaner ( This is a natural enzyme and therefore is harmless to you and your pet.) The pile will benefit from brushing monthly and once a year you may need to top up sand infill & brush in. ZEO-Reduce can be removed and replaced by us as part of an yearly maintenance service to clean up and freshen up any lawns (Please enquire for a quote).

6a.WEEDS : These can appear around the perimeters due to the membrane stopping, also if not regularly brushed or at certain times of the year, airbourne weeds or moss can appear anywhere on the top surface. Simply apply a water based weed killer directly to the artificial grass (This will not harm the grass and will kill them off and in a week or so you will be able to brush off to completely remove). Do not leave to buildup or spread, its always easier to deal with a few rather than a mass. The weeds do not come up from under the grass due to the membrane but get dropped or blown in onto your lawn and then germinate when the conditions are right. Any moss can be treated by the water based product Wet & Forget ( Available online ) and its as simple as that.

7. TOP MEMBRANE REMOVAL :While we give you the no cost option with dogs, not to have the top membrane installed, as with our experience we have found this is to be beneficial with dogs fouling in the reduction of odours. We should point out that this may shorter the life of your grass & therefore the choice is yours.
8.VERMIN & ANIMAL DAMAGE: Damage to the finished product by Vermin, Moles ,Rats, Rabbits ,Badgers etc is excluded from any guarantees. While we can correct this without generally any problem this is a chargeable repair that will only be carried out once theproblem has been dealt with.


Deposits : No work will be accepted or booked in, without the deposit being paid by bank transfer (details below) or cheque. Card payments are available while onsite , not over the phone .The actual amount of deposit is stated on your Quotation.
All deposits are non-returnable due to your grass being ordered straight away and being bespoke to your garden.

Balance Payment is to be made in full to ‘WEST SUSSEX ARTIFICIAL GRASS ‘ ON THE DAY OF COMPLETION: Cheque or Bank Transfer:
Sort code: 40-43-48
Account No. 41270427

9. The title of all supplied goods remains the property of WEST SUSSEX ARTIFICIAL GRASS until payment in full has been received and cleared.

9a. PHOTOGRAPHS :We reserve the right to photograph our works and use these images in our advertising /website ,no locations given. (See our Privacy Policy & advise if you don’t wish us to use your garden)

10. JOINTS & MOVEMENT: It should be noted, the joints can show, this isn’t a fault, its just a characteristic of the products, we take every care to minimize this. Slight movement away from the edges is normal, if the ground settles this will increase the width or length slightly as the grass forms to the new shape and therefore this increases the measurements. The grass itself will not increase or decrease outside normal parameters.

11.REFRACTED LIGHT : Items that reflect directly onto grass can burn the grass and need to be avoided/ removed, for example garden mirrors, stainless steel, and some glass or even some plastic windows, as this isn’t covered under the guarantee.

12. CREASES/FOLDS & INFILLS : Creases & fold lines in the grass on delivery are not deemed faults. These will drop out over the following weeks, with the actual time varying depending on the weather conditions. , Heat speeds the drop out and cold conditions will slow this up, but they all will disappear. Due to the weather sometimes once the grass is fully installed, we may need to return to sand up or add Envirofill or Zeo-Reduce due to the grass being wet. Your grass is still fully usable in this time as the products do not require infill, but we always carry this out for added protection. Payment in full is still required on the day of completion not on the return to sand day.

13. GRASS BATCHES: These do vary & therefore matching up different pieces at a later date generally isn’t possible (Just like a carpet). Also the actual grass supplied can vary from the sample supplied for the same reason. The pile can appear flat when unrolled and can need natural sunlight/heat to make the pile stand & can take sometime in the cooler months. This is beyond our control. Slight lines along the stitch rows can appear/ disappear this isn’t a fault and is just the construction /manufacture and occurs with heat changes.

14. INTEREST CHARGED: In the event of late payment we reserve the right to charge interest and reasonable debt recovery costs, this will be calculated at 2% above the HSBC Bank rate compounded on weekly basis.

For our mutual benefit we carry FULL LIABILITY INSURANCE. No.00.01.20