• Yes - like most things, minimal maintenance is required. Generally the pile will require a brush up and clearing off of debris at least once a month, depending on your use. Regular spray with the dog cleaner is recommended for dog owners, simply to keep the lawn fresh (this may be more in the summer months).

  • This is a frequent question “Will my pets urine dis-colour and leave a stain on the new grass?” The simple answer is no ,there will be no stains unlike normal turf.
    For the solids : Clean, anything less solid (ones we all know about when your pet has had one treat too many!) you can hose to disperse and then apply a cleaner to the area. We can supply a cleaner to dog/cat owners, but normal, mild cleaners of your own can be used or, good old soapy water is fine.

  • Weeds will not appear from under your new lawn due to the membrane included during installation. However, some may appear around the edges where the membrane ends given a weed’s ability to survive anywhere. Also, moss or airborne/bird dropped weeds can be deposited on the surface. All of this is simply removed by spraying with a normal, water based weed killer directly onto the weeds (this will not harm your artificial grass). Once dead, remove with a yard broom or plastic rake

  • Cigarette ash, heat from BBQ coals or the metal legs of a BBQ or even decorative garden mirrors transferring heat to the grass, can cause scorching/melting of the grass but it will not set fire to your lawn. You only have to look nowadays at where Artificial Grass is used, whether it’s a national pub chain, motorsport or exhibition venue, to know that this isn’t a frequent problem

  • Your artificial grass will not fade and is independently tested for discolouration and VU stability. It is sold and tested in the most demanding environments around the world. This is why the Manufacturers offer a 9-10 year anti-fade guarantee on the grasses, and why we only select the larger Grass Companies to partner us.

  • Our artificial grass can be laid just about anywhere you would like to have a green space, but where maintenance is too involved or natural light makes natural grass spruggle & therefore grow patchy and poor.

    Here are a few of those area’s

    • Roof gardens
    • Balconies
    • Around Swimming pools & tubs
    • Over existing paving & concrete area’s
    • Over decking (loose the slip)
    • Down banks & Slopes
    • Around play equipment
    • Shop displays & interiors

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