Our Work

If it's a year round garden to entertain your friends and family, an impressive and low maintenance approach to your home, or making a childs play area not only safe but beautiful too, then let us help you transform the way you see and use your outdoor space. We can create curves or shapes to suit your requirements and garden using our rot proof edgings, installed under the grass.  We pride ourselves on using the best materials to form that perfect finish.

We work all around the Sussex and Surrey areas, and here's a taster of what a difference our lawns can make. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

Burgess Hill

A simple transformation. The trees were causing a problem with the grass and also the raised edges of the walling and patio made it difficult for the client to mow. The problems were solved with artificial grass

WSGrass Burgess Hill Before


WS Grass Burgess Hill After



A city centre garden that struggled with shade from the surrounding trees. The owners also had pets that were using the existing lawn. A problem area turned into a little oasis.

WS Grass Brighton before


W Grass Brighton after


Hanover Brighton

A small garden that the owner was finding hard to maintain, we prepared and laid this lawn in a day even with having to pass the 4m roll through an upstairs window.

WSGrass Hanover Brighton before


WSGrass Hanover Brighton_after



A front garden with the bare bones of a good design already there, we simply made some adjustments to the central area and of course finished it off beautifully with artificial grass

WS Grass Worthing before


WSGrass Worthing after



The local Cricket Club doubles up as a pre-school for the children of the village. The outdoor area to the front became boggy with so much usage. With the artifical grass laid it can now be used all year round

WS Grass Charlwood before


WS Grass Charlwood after


Haywards Heath

A family garden transformed "Wish we did it sooner! 3 children and the dog are out there all the time making the most of the outdoors without worrying about bringing dirt indoors". Another very happy customer.


An unusable large family garden completely transformed, the difference is quote astounding. The new lawn has made a difference to the whole of the garden. The garden is loved by the two boys that use it every day.

WS Grass Cuckfiled before


WS Grass Cuckfield after


Central Hove

A central Hove garden that was struggling and awkward to mow. We arrive, we leave, Midhurst lawn complete.

Central Hove before


Central Hove after