Pets and your Grass

We are really excited to be able to bring you probably the best pet system for artificial grass currently available.

While every one says that they have a “pet friendly grass”, some are less pet friendly than others and some are expensive over their life span.

We can now bring you our four-part system that is effective and easy to maintain, promoting a clean lawn for everyone.

Envirofill and Microban logos
  • 1. PERMEABLE BASE STONE This is the first part of the system laid on a permeable membrane. This allows the passage of fluids straight through onto the existing ground to dissipate as normal.
  • 2. POLYURETHANE BACKED GRASSES (we have a good range). We have been installing these since early 2017. They have the advantage over standard latex backed products, as they do not absorb any liquids into the backing. The water passes through both products via the normal drainage holes, but the latex retains some and therefore can smell unless treated.
  • 3. ENVIROFILL This product is new to the UK market & forms part of our four part system. This unique product is an infill sand that sits in the base of the grass on the top of the backing as per normal. The difference is, that this sand is coated with an acrylic which is infused with the household name MICROBAN, an anti-mircobial which is guaranteed to keep working for 16yrs. Microban has been scientifically proven to disrupt the bacterial process,reducing the bacterials ability to multiply. The sand also doesn't compact or absorb liquid so it is also provides better drainage.
  • 4. EMYZME cleaner. We will supply you with a proven cleaner, and advise where you can obtain more, that you simply spray only the lawn and forget. This is the only part that you are required to do on a regular basis just to finalize the complete system.

They are your best friends after all