Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are Namgrass?

A. Namgrass are a Global brand, with all their products manufactured in Europe for the pass 30 years, in their own factories. Namgrass are ISO9001 certified and have sold over 60million square metres worldwide. There is no middleman. Namgrass design, manufacture, and distribute direct to us.

Q. Will the grass fade or fall apart?

A. No. Namgrass is uniquely UV stabilized against fade, and their Tuftlock anchorage system along with the extra heavy duty latex backing ensures your lawn stays intact throughout its lifetime and that’s why they offer a 10 year guarantee.

Q. Where can artificial grass be used?

A. Pretty much anywhere, even over existing bases, e.g. patios, decking, roof gardens, balconies or around swimming pools. The grass is unaffected by full sun or shade and is ideal for a high usage family lawn. Pets also like the soft warm feel of the pile.

Q. Is there any maintenance?

A. Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance. This consists of a brush over now and again, the removal of leaves and natural waste which can be simply raked or brushed away. Quartz sand is applied at the installation stage and this may need a top up once a year, just empty the bag onto the grass and brush. It’s as simple as that – gone are the days of mowing , edging, treating and weeding.

Q. What about animal mess?

A. This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Like a normal lawn this will naturally break down and disappear by itself, but larger amounts are best disposed of by hand in the normal way. The lawn can be hosed off and urine will not harm or discolour the grass.